Ticketmaster defends its lofty price for Bruce Springsteen


Ticketmaster took the unusual step of releasing details of Bruce Springsteen sales after fans lashed out at the corporation’s “dynamic pricing” policy.

When trading commenced for the Boss’s upcoming North American tour last week, “platinum” tickets were offered for over $4,500. The policy means that the top-priced tickets will retail at a different cost in each market. “Prices and formats are consistent with industry standards for top performers,” Ticketmaster said in a statement (via Variety), reporting that the policy was designed to lock out secondary sellers, resellers and pay artists and promoters more. According to the figures, only 11.2% of sales involved the “dynamic” tickets, with only 1.3% of those sold for over $1,000, while 56% were sold for under $200 including 18% for under $99.

But Variety reported that “fans quickly figured out that the first ones to get through the queue each day were able to buy in the $60-400 range … only to have those immediately snapped up, leaving the more exorbitantly priced ducats — with values inflated as much as 10 times the original value — as what most would-be buyers see when they log in.”

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Photo courtesy of Variety.

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