Two for Tuesday

Every Tuesday, you can hear your favorite artists…back to back! It’s Two for Tuesday on Kate FM 99.9, where we give you your favorite artists more than just once…but TWICE!

Kate FM’s Album of the Week (July 7): “Violator” by Depeche Mode

Release Date: March 19th, 1990 Number of Songs: 9 Album Notes: As it was the seventh studio album produced by the group, they felt the formula was beginning to get a bit stale. So, collectively, the group decided to change their process and reinvent their sound for their first album of a new decade.…

The Brooke Show

For 10 years, the award-winning DJ, Brooke Myers, has brought you The Brooke Show weekdays from 2pm-6pm CT on Kate 99.9 FM, where you can hear the best music and all your classic favorites!

Then and Now (July 13): Billy Ocean

Then: Billy Ocean was born Leslie Sebastian Charles, and moved to London at the age of 10. He began singing in night clubs as a teenager, and made a name for himself in the local scene. In 1976, after a few short, unsuccessful ventures, Ocean recorded his first official solo album,…

Kate’s Weekend Shows

You can hear all sorts of incredible national shows with fantastic music on the weekends. From Pink Floyd to Casey Kasem breaking down the Top 40…all of it can be found on Kate 99.9 FM!
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