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Tiger 95.9 is the exclusive radio home of Beauregard Hornets Athletics! Whether it’s football on Friday nights, basketball from The Hive or baseball and softball on the weekends, your home for Hornets athletics is on Tiger 95.9.  

Tillie The Elder Emo

Come on into the Elder Emo Retirement Community. Let Tillie The Elder Emo guide you through the afternoon with throwbacks from the age of Emocore music: pop punk, screamo, emo rap, etc. This Moshpit Muse will capture you with her stories and quirkiness, all while delivering rock music from your early iPod days.

Movie Monday (March 26): Mending the Line

By Tyler Coleman Mending The Line 8.7/10 Main Cast: Brian Cox, Sinqua Walls, Perry Mattfield How To Watch: Netflix “Mending The Line” is a war movie that shows the after effects of what war veterans can go through once they’re back home. This movie has many lessons behind it and can bring light to post traumatic stress disorder. There are many feel-good moments behind this emotional movie. The main feel-good moment was when the main character started to learn how to fly fish with another war veteran who has always been known to be a grumpy old man. He first…

Atlanta Falcons Notebook: 2024 NFL Draft

The Falcons made a splash in this year’s draft, unexpectedly taking quarterback Michael Penix with the 8th overall pick.  Given the recent signing of quarterback Kirk Cousins, the selection is a massive gamble. If it works, you look like a genius. If Penix doesn’t become a quality starter at the end of the Cousins contract, it could very well cost many on the Falcons’ staff their jobs. For this though, I’ll be looking at every pick the Falcons made in the draft, including Penix, and giving my thoughts as well as grading the pick. I’ll look at how much of…
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