Movie Monday (March 4): Glory Road


By Tyler Coleman

Glory Road

Main Cast: Josh Lucas, Derek Luke, and Jon Voight
How To Watch: Disney Plus

“Glory Road” is a sports classic in the movie industry. This movie shows the way sports
can bring people from different backgrounds together in the toughest of times. Josh Lucas
played, Don Haskins, the new head coach of the 1966 Texas Miners. He decided his team
needed a revamp when it came to his lineup and so he went out and hand picked his team.
Believe it or not he had to beg some players to play for him and he even had some trying
to run from him.

This movie had scenes that were very detailed and gave the viewer almost an inside look
at how things were back then. They used emotion and sports to tell the best story. I would
put this movie on the mount rushmore of sports movies. Alongside the great ones such as
“Remember The Titans” and “Hoosiers.”

This movie deserves a watch for sure.

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