By Tyler Coleman

Mending The Line

Main Cast: Brian Cox, Sinqua Walls, Perry Mattfield
How To Watch: Netflix

“Mending The Line” is a war movie that shows the after effects of what war
veterans can go through once they’re back home. This movie has many lessons behind it
and can bring light to post traumatic stress disorder. There are many feel-good moments
behind this emotional movie.

The main feel-good moment was when the main character started to learn how to
fly fish with another war veteran who has always been known to be a grumpy old man.
He first had to earn his respect by reading tons of books about fly fishing and even
cleaning up around his house.

While visiting the bookstore he runs into an employee who is experiencing a loss
in her life which creates a bond between the two that gives both of them strength to heal
and grow. I thought this movie was very good and had all of the great parts of a war type
movie. The ending can be taken many different ways emotionally, but I thought it ended
with a great touch.

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