Movie Monday (November 14): Terrifier 2

By Ryan Lavoie

Each week, I will look at a movie that is currently in theaters or available to stream and give some reasons why people should watch it. This isn’t necessarily a film critique, rather, an overview of what I think is enjoyable about the film, and why it’s worth seeing. This week I’ll be looking at Terrifier 2.

You might have heard about a movie that was making people pass out and throw up in the theaters. Terrifier 2 is that movie, and as a huge horror fan that had actually seen the first Terrifier, I had to find out why. I found out why. I do not claim to have seen every horror movie out there, but I have seen some pretty gory stuff, such as the Saw movies, and Terrifier 2 is, by far, the goriest movie I’ve ever seen. It makes the Saw franchise look tame. If you’re into gore, then you will love Terrifier 2. If not, if you’re squeamish at all, this is absolutely a no go. If I operate under the assumption you can or are willing to get through the extreme gore, then there is an entertaining horror movie here. Art the Clown is a entertaining and cruel villain and David Howard Thornton plays the evil, sadistic clown well. Horror movies usually need the “horror” or villain to be compelling and good at what he or she or it does within the parameters of the universe that is present. Art the Clown is very compelling within the universe he’s given. He is so menacing and so horrific that these movies are indeed, terrifying, and if you can put up with the unpleasant amount of gore, you will be terrified too.

Terrifier 2 is still playing in select theaters

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