35 years ago, the Max Headroom broadcast interruption

The evening of Sunday, Nov. 22, 1987, was almost a celebratory night for fans of Doctor Who. The following day marked 24 years since the British sci-fi classic first aired. While Seventh Doctor, Sylvester McCoy, was the latest incumbent, Chicago PBS station WTTW was rerunning the first episode of the Fourth Doctor adventure. “The Horror of Fang Rock.”

Those who had tuned in for the the10-year-old adventure were probably familiar with the concept that anything could happen in the life of a Time Lord, but they weren’t expecting what they saw. A few minutes into the broadcast, the scene featuring an early 20th-century lighthouse faded away, and the face of the fictional AI character Max Headroom appeared.

For more detail, check out this article from Ultimate Classic Rock.

Photo courtesy of BBC.

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