1. How many home runs will the Braves hit in the month of July?

Kam Berry- 29 home runs

Brooks Childress- 23 home runs

Brant Daughtry- 24 home runs

Ryan Lavoie- 35 home runs

Tom Peavy- 23 home runs


2. How many games will the Braves win in July?

Kam Berry- 17 wins

Brooks Childress- 14 wins

Brant Daughtry- 14 wins

Ryan Lavoie- 15 wins

Tom Peavy- 17 wins


3. Who will have the longest (in words) opening statement at SEC Media Days?

Kam Berry- Steve Sarkisian

Brooks Childress- Kirby Smart

Brant Daughtry- Steve Sarkisian

Ryan Lavoie- Brent Venables

Tom Peavy- Shane Beamer


4. How many gold medals will the USA win in the Summer Olympics? (329 events)

Kam Berry- 130 golds medals

Brooks Childress- 37 gold medals

Brant Daughtry- 14 gold medals

Ryan Lavoie- 42 gold medals

Tom Peavy- 42 gold medals


5. How many total medals will the USA win in the Summer Olypmics? (329 events)

Kam Berry- 217 total medals

Brooks Childress- 115 total medals

Brant Daughtry- 86 total medals

Ryan Lavoie- 129 total medals

Tom Peavy- 118 total medals


6. Where will Auburn rank in the On3 recruiting rankings at the end of July?

Kam Berry- 9th

Brooks Childress- 10th

Brant Daughtry- 5th

Ryan Lavoie- 10th

Tom Peavy- 6th


7. What will be the to par score of the champion of the British Open at Royal Troon? (July 18-21)

Kam Berry- 14 under

Brooks Childress- 13 under

Brant Daughtry- 11 under

Ryan Lavoie- 15 under

Tom Peavy- 16 under

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