Tuesday 3rd August 2021


Bob & Sheri

Weekdays 5am-9am We’re a nationally-syndicated radio show heard from Maine to Alaska! Make your day more fun with Bob Lacey, Sheri Lynch, and the crew. Sheri loves to read and is the best-selling author of 2 books:

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NFL Week 11 Pick ‘Em

By Barry “Bear” Blanchard Boy oh’ boy, what a week of spectacles. I wasn’t present to view them live, but the replays did not disappoint. DeAndre Hopkins made the greatest catch I’ve ever seen, Matt Prater made

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NFL Week 10 Pick ‘Em

By Barry “Bear” Blanchard The tone for this week is mental toughness. The reasoning comes from fantasy football and my personal experience over the last few years. I love to start with positivity so I will say

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NFL Week 9 Pick ‘Em

By Barry “Bear’ Blanchard   For all my dedicated readers, my superstition has been validated. I purposely missed church last Sunday in order to use it as my Halloween recovery day and my Tennessee Titans lost to

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NFL Week 8 Pick ‘Em

By: Barry “Bear” Blanchard I come to you all as a humbled man. Last week put me in my place as a newcomer to this sports columnist lifestyle. I made some bold proclamations, some risky calls, and

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NFL Week 7 Pick ‘Em

By Barry “Bear” Blanchard Another week down, another epic Tennessee Titans victory. Last week I was saying that this Titans team is unlike any I have seen in my 14 years watching them play. And in one

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NFL Week 6 Pick ‘Em

By Barry “Bear” Blanchard Well let’s start this off by saying I am a pretty stoked camper. The Tennessee Titans are 4-0 after a masterful shellacking of the Bills. Let me tell you just how masterful; I

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