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RMWorldTravel is an engaging national program that educates, entices and empowers its fans/followers while covering “Everything & Anything in the World of Travel.”

We are travelers! We love the world of travel and its many important sectors. We believe travel is in all of our DNA, that it makes us better people, and certainly travel is an essential economic engine around the globe. Challenging times require redoubling efforts, and staying connected with those who can have the greatest influence and impact — in short it means being aligned with RMWorldTravel!

Hosts/show creators Robert & Mary Carey, along with co-host Rudy Maxa, easily connect with the audience and skillfully cover the world of travel, culture and its allure through modern segments, on-location live remote broadcasts, etc. Combined, RMWorldTravel offers unmatched experiences, unparalleled insight and unique understanding into travel, tourism and dozens of related industries.