SportsCall September 2021 Monthly Predictions

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1. How many SEC football teams will be ranked in the AP Top 25 poll on October 1st, 2021?

Bill Bailey: 6

Kam Berry: 6

Brooks Childress: 7

Jovan Cutler: 6

Brant Daughtry: 6

JJ Jackson: 6

Ryan Lavoie: 6

Tom Peavy: 7

Austin Scott: 5


2. Which 2021 NFL first round draft pick WR will have the most receiving yards in September?

Bill Bailey: Ja’Marr Chase

Kam Berry: DeVonta Smith

Brooks Childress: Jaylen Waddle

Jovan Cutler: DeVonta Smith

Brant Daughtry: Jaylen Waddle

JJ Jackson: Ja’Marr Chase

Ryan Lavoie: DeVonta Smith

Tom Peavy: Jaylen Waddle

Austin Scott: Ja’Marr Chase


3. How many combined goals will be scored in September by Lionel Messi & Cristiano Ronaldo? (National Team goals do NOT count! We’re only totaling goals for PSG & Manchester United)
Bill Bailey: 5
Kam Berry: 7
Brooks Childress: 6
Jovan Cutler: 15
Brant Daughtry: 8
JJ Jackson: 5
Ryan Lavoie: 7
Tom Peavy: 4
Austin Scott: 7
4. Which Auburn football player will score the first touchdown of the 2021 season?
Bill Bailey: Bo Nix
Kam Berry: Tank Bigsby
Brooks Childress: Bo Nix
Jovan Cutler: Tank Bigsby
Brant Daughtry: Tank Bigsby
JJ Jackson: Shedrick Jackson
Ryan Lavoie: Tank Bigsby
Tom Peavy: Tank Bigsby
Austin Scott: Tank Bigsby
5. How many total yards will Bo Nix throw for in September? (Closest guess will get this point)
Bill Bailey: 910
Kam Berry: 738
Brooks Childress: 466
Jovan Cutler: 975
Brant Daughtry: 1,100
JJ Jackson: 850
Ryan Lavoie: 787
Tom Peavy: 700
Austin Scott: 843
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6. How many games will the Atlanta Braves win in September? (Closest guess will get this point)
Bill Bailey: 18
Kam Berry: 22
Brooks Childress: 14
Jovan Cutler: 16
Brant Daughtry: 18
JJ Jackson: 18
Ryan Lavoie: 15
Tom Peavy: 18
Austin Scott: 18
7. Which NFL rookie QB will have the most passing yards at the end of September?
Bill Bailey: Zach Wilson
Kam Berry: Zach Wilson
Brooks Childress: Zach Wilson
Jovan Cutler: Trevor Lawerence
Brant Daughtry: Justin Fields
JJ Jackson: Trevor Lawerence
Ryan Lavoie: Mac Jones
Tom Peavy: Justin Fields
Austin Scott: Mac Jones
8. How many pass attempts are thrown from Auburn QBs not named Bo Nix? (RB or WR passes do NOT count toward total)
Bill Bailey: 11
Kam Berry: 12
Brooks Childress: 36
Jovan Cutler: 25
Brant Daughtry: 10
JJ Jackson: 18
Ryan Lavoie: 22
Tom Peavy: 15
Austin Scott: 33
9. How many total points will the Auburn Football defense allow in September? (Closest guess will get this point)
Bill Bailey: 55
Kam Berry: 25
Brooks Childress: 45
Jovan Cutler: 55
Brant Daughtry: 31
JJ Jackson: 50
Ryan Lavoie: 64
Tom Peavy: 43
Austin Scott: 34
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10. What will Auburn Football’s point margin be for the month of September? (Closest guess will get this point)
Bill Bailey: +21
Kam Berry: +85
Brooks Childress: +14
Jovan Cutler: +70
Brant Daughtry: +149
JJ Jackson: +78
Ryan Lavoie: +90
Tom Peavy: +10
Austin Scott: +69
11. What school will be the highest ranked non-Power 5 in the AP Poll on October 1st, 2021?
Bill Bailey: Cincinnati
Kam Berry: Cincinnati
Brooks Childress: Cincinnati
Jovan Cutler: Coastal Carolina
Brant Daughtry: Cincinnati
JJ Jackson: Coastal Carolina
Ryan Lavoie: Cincinnati
Tom Peavy: Cincinnati
Austin Scott: Cincinnati


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