SportsCall’s August 2022 Monthly Predictions

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1.Who will win the last regular season race of the NASCAR season on August 27, 2022 at Daytona?

Bill Bailey- Bubba Wallace

Kam Berry- Chase Elliot

Brooks Childress- Chris Buescher

Jovan Cutler- Chase Elliot

Brant Daughtry- Chase Elliot

JJ Jackson- Alex Bowman

Ryan Lavoie- Denny Hamlin

Tom Peavy- Ross Chastain

Austin Scott- Kevin Harvick

2. Who will pitch the most innings for the Braves in August?

Bill Bailey- Max Fried

Kam Berry- Kyle Wright

Brooks Childress- Max Fried

Jovan Cutler- Max Fried

Brant Daughtry- Max Fried

JJ Jackson- Max Fried

Ryan Lavoie- Max Fried

Tom Peavy- Kyle Wright

Austin Scott- Max Fried

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports
3. How many home runs will the Braves hit as a team in the month of August? (Closest guess will get this point)

Bill Bailey- 37

Kam Berry- 43

Brooks Childress- 42

Jovan Cutler- 35

Brant Daughtry- 50

JJ Jackson- 67

Ryan Lavoie- 58

Tom Peavy- 20

Austin Scott- 51

4. How many total points will the Atlanta Falcons score in their preseason games in August? (Closest guess will get this point)

Bill Bailey- 52

Kam Berry- 65

Brooks Childress- 30

Jovan Cutler- 70

Brant Daughtry- 42

JJ Jackson- 55

Ryan Lavoie- 71

Tom Peavy- 32

Austin Scott- 45

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
5. How many wins will the Braves have against the Mets in August?

Bill Bailey- 4

Kam Berry- 6

Brooks Childress- 5

Jovan Cutler- 6

Brant Daughtry- 6

JJ Jackson- 6

Ryan Lavoie- 4

Tom Peavy- 6

Austin Scott- 5

6. Which FBS team will score the most points in Week Zero of the 2022 NCAA Football season?

Bill Bailey- Nevada

Kam Berry- Florida State

Brooks Childress- Western Kentucky

Jovan Cutler- North Carolina

Brant Daughtry- North Carolina

JJ Jackson- Florida State

Ryan Lavoie- North Carolina

Tom Peavy- Florida State

Austin Scott- North Carolina

7. Who will be named the starting quarterback for the Auburn Tigers for the first week of the 2022 season?

Bill Bailey- Zach Calzada

Kam Berry- TJ Finley

Brooks Childress- Zach Calzada

Jovan Cutler- Zach Calzada

Brant Daughtry- Zach Calzada

JJ Jackson- TJ Finley

Ryan Lavoie- Zach Calzada

Tom Peavy- Zach Calzada

Austin Scott- Zach Calzada
8. Who will lead the Auburn Men’s Basketball team in total points scored in their Israel Tour?

Bill Bailey- KD Johnson

Kam Berry- Wendell Green Jr.

Brooks Childress- KD Johnson

Jovan Cutler- KD Johnson

Brant Daughtry- Yohan Traore

JJ Jackson- Allen Flannigan

Ryan Lavoie- Wendell Green Jr.

Tom Peavy- Wendell Green Jr.

Austin Scott- Wendell Green Jr.

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