Movie Monday (November 21): Goodfellas


Each week, I will look at a movie that is currently in theaters or available to stream and give some reasons why people should watch it. This isn’t necessarily a film critique, rather, an overview of what I think is enjoyable about the film, and why it’s worth seeing. This week we’ll be looking at the classic, Goodfellas.

I won’t have to do much selling to convince you that Goodfellas is worth the watch. Labeled as a classic, and rated as the number 17 movie of all time on IMDB, Goodfellas is a perfect crime movie. The movie follows the story of Henry Hill, which the real Hill would go on to say is a accurate retelling of the story. Hill is played by Ray Liotta, while Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci are also leads in the movie, the cast is brilliant for a mob and crime movie. The film does a good job of portraying why the mob may be enticing to someone in a rough situation growing up and how it can offer a lot of great perks. The movie also shows, however, the crime laden nature of the mob and how cut throat it can be. These aren’t secrets, I think anyone can tell you what the mob would be like, but the movie does a great job of bringing it to life.  It should also be no surprise that this is all directed by Martin Scorsese, who has absolutely mastered the crime genre.

Goodfellas is currently available to be streamed on HBO Max.

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